Within the shown sculptures and video works, Lilian Beentjes explores her relationship with jewelry and the body. The way the body transforms when a necklace, earring or piercing is attached fascinates her, as the boundary between the object and human is blurred. The material of the jewelry is connected to the natural flesh, so the properties of the two characteristics no longer exist separately. Inverting, fusing and exchanging these properties are the starting point of the works. Abstract bodies serve as decorative pendants on a necklace while at the same time artificial colors cover carnal structures. Thereby, the works hang or stand in space, as jewelry would be attached to a body. 

The fluctuation between jewelry, body and space manifests itself in physical and digital media. Materials such as clay, paper maché and textiles are interspersed with printed renders and video. Metal closures are frequently used to connect parts together, inspired by the construction of jewelery. The combination of materials are results of an experimental process in which different structures and shapes have been assembled in unconventional ways.