Artist from the Netherlands (1998). I consider my artistic practice as an ever growing playground in which experimentation and (re)discovery are central aspects.

With my work three things of the human body are connected; the insides, the outside and the surroundings. With a background in fashion, I am extremely fascinated by jewellery and how you can use the concept of the body with a focus on aesthetics. The way we hang, place and even penetrate the body with objects to transform it, is a returning aspect in my work. This leads to me applying this approach not only through the human body, but also the space. By using the elements such as bones, organs and liquids as a reference, I attach, drape and arrange objects, video’s and sound in and on a physical space as if it were my own body. As a result, abstract shapes connect the natural aspects with the cultivated forms that melt into a whole. 

By intertwining multiple forms of media I try to create a fluctuation between different realities. The works are shifting for example between 2D and 3D, physical and digital, associations of comfort and repulsion. Different media are used interchangeably, side by side or simultaneously. This can include painting, sculpting or also photo editing. The tension of the in-between is what fascinates me. 


2023- Pierce the Space, Attache my Body – Broedplaats Lycka
2022 – Hectobar 18.0 – Neck of The Woods Rotterdam
2021 – Museumnacht Melting Core – Spaces Westerpark Amsterdam
2021 – HDYLAI Graduation show- Breitner Academy Amsterdam
2020 – Tussenruimte – Breitner Academy Amsterdam
2020 – Tussenruimte – Baksteen Amsterdam
2018 – A One Night Stand – Rosalux Berlin

2022 Wandelnet
2021 Museumkijker

2022 – LoopAwards 2022 – Ruimte Voor lopen
2021 – LoopAwards 2021 – Ruimte Voor lopen

2017 – 2021 Fine Arts and Education – Breitner Academy Amsterdam

Instagram: @lilianbeentjes